Fresh Veggie Pizza – July 30

Pillsbury Pizza Crust is vegan!  So get a thick or thin crust package out of your grocers refrigerator and head to the local farmers market.

There you will find many yummy options for your pizza, and don’t overlook the unusual.  I love a pizza with spinach and vinagrette! Corn, peppers, squash, onions, potatoes, garlic, artichoke hearts, sprouts, even cucumbers and anything else you can find add a lot of flavor and nutrients.

If you like a red sauce, use a little to tie it all together, and if you like a white sauce, I use a little bit of vegan cream cheese with ranch seasoning in it.  I keep the toppings thin as I don’t use cheese to “hold it together”, but if you do then layer the veggies high!

Cook according to package directions – it’s a great summer pizza!

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